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Dr. Bradley Brumfield

601-876-3401 Phone


Secretary (Central Office)

Aisha Washington

601-876-3401 Phone


Business Manager

Marcy Hartzog

601-876-3401 Phone


Accounts Payable

Cindy Thornhill

601-876-3401  Ext. 4



Angel Barnum



Technology Coordinator

Beth Cowart

601-222-1500 Phone


Child Nutrition Services Director

Danielle Hall

601-876-3401 Phone

Parental Involvement/

Homeless Coordinator

Debbie Smith

601-876-5687 Phone


Federal Programs Director

Assistant Superintendent

Title IX

Dr. Andy Brock

601-876-5687 Phone

Assistant Superintendent

Curriculum Coordinator

Michelle Stinson

601-876-3401 Phone


Special Education Supervisor


Julie Etheridge

601-876-6000 Phone

Fixed Assets Coordinator

Dorothy Atkinson

601-876-3401 Phone



Rusty Martin

601-222-1517 Phone


Attendance Officer

Edwin Thompson

601-876-6980 Phone


School Nurse

Tina Ginn

601-303-0545 Phone



Tylertown High School

Jeremy Harrell

601-876-3370 Phone


Salem Attendance Center

Vanessa  Boyd

601-876-2580 Phone


Dexter Attendance Center

Kim Brumfield

601-876-3985 Phone


Walthall County Career and

Technology Center

Beth Cowart

601-222-1500  Phone


Tylertown Elementary

Felicia Prince

601-876-3350 Phone


Tylertown Primary School

Robin Duncan

601-876-2149 Phone

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