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Welcome to the Walthall County School District's website.  Our goal is to help all students develop the skills, behaviors, and knowledge necessary to become a contributing member of the school environment, the community, and the world around them.


The pages and links provided on this site allow students, employees, parents, and visitors access to timely information.  If you need additional information, please feel free to contact our central office at 601-876-3401.


Teachers teaching. Students learning. Schools improving. 



Create a productive school culture for change that increases teacher effectiveness, improves student proficiency, and builds public confidence.

Dr. Bradley Brumfield

Superintendent of Education


  • Education is our first priority and provides a foundation for life-long learning, critical and analytical thinking, problem solving, decision-making and respect for the individual.

  • Literacy is essential to personal empowerment and civic responsibility.

  • All students are capable of learning and benefit from a challenging curriculum with high standards and expectations.

  • Children learn in different ways, and Walthall County School District has a responsibility to help all students maximize their potential.

  • Effective teaching requires thorough content knowledge and pedagogical skills, careful planning, creativity, and implementation, with reflection.

  • Classroom discipline and management are integral parts of instructional practice.

  • Intellectual, social, physical and emotional development is essential to a student's education.

  • Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are important components of effective education.

  • Cross curriculum integration is an important component of effective education.

  • Parents are crucial partners in children’s learning.

  • Culture and community conditions influence children’s learning.


  • Demonstration of life skills that include personal finance, work ethic, and time-management skills

  • Proficiency in critical thinking and problem-solving skills

  • Proficiency in basic skills including math, science, reading, and communication

  • Demonstration of character traits such as perseverance, self-motivation, initiative, resiliency, responsibility, and independence

  • Demonstration of appropriate interaction with others (those in authority/those who are different)


  • Provide rigorous engaging instruction for every student, expand college and career opportunities, and provide relevant real-world learning.

  • Increase community confidence through more frequent and effective communication, parent and family engagement, and community partnerships.

  • Recruit and retain the highest quality personnel and maximize their effectiveness.

  • Establish and maintain effective stewardship of current resources to maximize student achievement.

  • Provide an environment that promotes learning in a safe and secure setting.

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