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Tylertown Elementary School

Tylertown Elementary School consists of grades four through six.   The focus of our school is to reach and teach ALL students.  Our staff is dedicated to touching and enriching the lives of young people as they are the future leaders of America.  Parents and community members are always welcome and their opinions and concerns are valued and considered.  We strive to make TES a place where children are loved through ongoing encouragement, empowerment, and goal-setting.  The students of TES are "Destined for Growth".

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Ms. Thornton's 4th Grade Class conduct experiment!

These images depict a mock crime scene to "hook" Ms. Thornton’s 4th grade ELA students on how to make an inference based on evidence left at the scene of a crime. The students had to observe the scene and utilize a graphic organizer to make a logical inference about what they walk into on a Monday morning of ELA class. 

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These are pictures of our 6th grade "Cells"  (both plant and animal cells)

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