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881 Hwy. 27 North

Tylertown, MS 39667


601-876-4155 (fax)

Salem Attendance Center
Salem Attendance Center, home of the mighty Wildcats, is a K-12 public school with an enrollment of approximately 500 students.  We offer a wide variety of academics to meet the needs of students as well as many extra-curricular activities in which they can participate.  Salem has a highly-dedicated staff that is committed to providing academic excellence to each and every student  while ensuring a safe learning environment in the classroom.  Because values are important in this small community, teachers and parents, alike, are committed in making sure that students receive guidance relating to ethics and morals beginning in kindergarten and continuing until graduation.  The vision of our administration and staff is to provide a diverse learning environment  where our students develop the skills they need to become leaders in our community and society.                                                                                                                                                                     Vanessa Boyd
Salem Wildcats

Sports Schedules

News and Events

Food Web Activity


The fifth grade Science class participated in a hands-on activity involving food webs in the ecosystem of their choice. The excitement and group work ethic were outstanding and refreshing, to say the least. 


Each group assigned their own researcher, artists, and editor but each decision was voted on by the groups. 

FBLA Middle-Level District Conference

Jones County Junior College

Students Visit The Capitol

Meet and Greet


The Salem Student Council hosted a new student meet and greet!
We are excited to welcome new faces to our school family.

Our 2022 senior breakfast.
Thank you to the parents who hosted and prepared
food for their last first day at SHS.

IMG_0281 (1).JPG

The Great Cookie Election 

election 5.jpeg
election 2.jpeg
election 4.jpeg
election 1.jpeg

We had our school wide reward of Popsicles from the Principals yesterday for displaying positive behavior for the month of August! 

Credible and Appropriate Websites
(Google for researching students.) 
(More than 100 reliable sources: encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauruses, etc.)
(This site provides information on history, government, science, business, people, etc.)
(This site provides access to books, poetry, proverbs, quotations, etc.)
(Library of Congress--It's THE Library!! It has links to art, religion, history, science, government, law, maps, sports, etc.)
can preview or read for free thousands of books.)
(links are provided to sites about web research; English literature, poetry books, citing sources; Shakespeare; algebra; geometry; trigonometry; pre-calculus; statistics; economics; government; world history; United States history; biology; physics; chemistry; test preparation; computers; applying to college; Spanish; etc.)

Come Take Our CTE Classes!

Agricultural Leadership and Personal Development


Agricultural Leadership and Personal Development is a course to introduce students to the skills, attitudes, and habits that will enable them to be good leaders in both the agriculture industry and life. The program includes instruction in workplace skills, time management, and money management related to agricultural leadership and personal development. Students in the course will participate in active-learning exercises, including integral activities of the FFA organization and supervised experiences. 

Introduction to Agriscience 

The Introduction to Agriscience course introduces students to the broad field of agriculture, biotechnology, and natural resources, including the production of plants and animals and the management of natural resources. The program includes instruction in the applied sciences related to plant and animal production and natural resource conservation and management, as well as introduces agribusiness-management practices and maintenance of facilities and equipment.


We had our school-wide reward of Popsicles from the Principals yesterday for displaying positive behavior for the month of August! 

Computer Science


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