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Salem Attendance Center
Salem Attendance Center, home of the mighty Wildcats, is a K-12 public school with an enrollment of approximately 500 students.  We offer a wide variety of academics to meet the needs of students as well as many extra-curricular activities in which they can participate.  Salem has a highly-dedicated staff that is committed to providing academic excellence to each and every student  while ensuring a safe learning environment in the classroom.  Because values are important in this small community, teachers and parents, alike, are committed in making sure that students receive guidance relating to ethics and morals beginning in kindergarten and continuing until graduation.  The vision of our administration and staff is to provide a diverse learning environment  where our students develop the skills they need to become leaders in our community and society.                                                                                                                                                                     Vanessa Boyd
Salem Wildcats

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Writing Contest Winners

Blue Ribbons
  Kinsleigh Mitchell
  Rhettly Bolin
  Layton Magee

Red Ribbons
  Autumn Brumfield
  Brooks Bracey
  Jade Campbell
  Addy Rose Craft

White Ribbons
  Emma Hilburn

2nd Grade
Blue Ribbons
   Jannah Libradilla
   Jensen Martin
  Treyvon Smith
  Lauryn Holmes
  Addison McDaniel

Red Ribbons
  Paisley Holmes
  Aubrey Smith
  Breona Duncan
  Mason Bridges
  Elle Bozeman
White Ribbons
  Alterrius Smith
  Baylee Lowery
   Jordyn Quinn

Honorable Mentions
  Lonna Ball
  Talmage Holmes

4th Grade
Blue Ribbons
  Kash Stinson
  Kenley Stewart

Red Ribbons 
  Ryleigh Boyd 
  Madelyn Johnson 
  Tra'nealia May 

White Ribbons
  Kamden Young 
  Starleigh Wallace

Honorable Mention           
Camren Russell

8th Grade
Red Ribbons 
  Dillon Rollins

White Ribbons  
   Allison Trotter
   Carlie Etheridge
1st Grade
Blue Ribbons
  Kylin Payne
  Holden Sartin

Red Ribbons
  Samantha Baggett
White Ribbons
  Case Fortenberry
  Te'khi Carr
  Kolbie Sumrall
  Kyndall Barrett
  Leah Shepherd

Honorable Mentions
  Tinsley Clark
  Amara Smith
  Rakiya Wells
  Marianne Johnson
  Ella Cassidy
  Mikella Dykes

3rd Grade
Red Ribbon
  Jayce Robertson

5th Grade
Blue Ribbons
  Kenzie Blackwell
  Carlee Boyd

Red Ribbons 
  Bryson Haynes

White Ribbons  
  Chole Brunet
  Jaidyn Hill

10th Grade
Blue Ribbons 
Red Ribbons    
  Sajada Horton
  Jaedan McKelphin
  Jace Rushing

White Ribbons
  Madison Hughes

Honorable Mentions
  Jermiah Martin
  Key'Niee Smith    

11th Grade
Red Ribbons
  Callie Shoemake

White Ribbons
  Jordan Yates

12th Grade
Red Ribbons
  Sha'Tyra McKelphin
  Sedarion Owens
  Bradley Alexander
  Rachele Chiappine

Blue Ribbons
  Lore Claessens
  Darren Carr
  Kaylee Pigott
  Calvin Knight

Our 2022 senior breakfast.
Thank you to the parents who hosted and prepared food for their last first day at SHS.

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The Great Cookie Election 

election 5.jpeg
election 2.jpeg
election 4.jpeg
election 1.jpeg

We had our school wide reward of Popsicles from the Principals yesterday for displaying positive behavior for the month of August! 


Credible and Appropriate Websites
(Google for researching students.) 
(More than 100 reliable sources: encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauruses, etc.)
(This site provides information on history, government, science, business, people, etc.)
(This site provides access to books, poetry, proverbs, quotations, etc.)
(Library of Congress--It's THE Library!! It has links to art, religion, history, science, government, law, maps, sports, etc.)
can preview or read for free thousands of books.)
(links are provided to sites about web research; English literature, poetry books, citing sources; Shakespeare; algebra; geometry; trigonometry; pre-calculus; statistics; economics; government; world history; United States history; biology; physics; chemistry; test preparation; computers; applying to college; Spanish; etc.)