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E-Rate RFPs

RFP 2019 E-Rate Internet and WAN Bid

The deadline for site visits has been extended until December 21, 2018.  Please call Beth Cowart at 601-222-1500 to make an appointment.

Q&A Section

Q1.  Do you have a new school that’s not listed on here yet. I have attached a picture of the school in question.

A1.  No, that is not a school.  That is the Southwest Events Center owed by the county.

Q2.  Also  am I to include fiber to Dexter Attendance Center or is the Elementary replacing this?

A2.  Dexter Attendance Center just changed its name.  It is now Dexter Elementary School because it now only has grades K - 7th.  It is the same buildings....only a name change

Q3.  Do we have to schedule the site visits or is there certain time of the day we can come?

A3.  Please call 601-222-1500 or email to schedule a time?

Q4.  The RFP does not indicate what the district wants delivered at the hub? Are you asking/allowing over subscription? Basically, I'm asking if you want the sum of the parts to equal what is delivered at the hub. For example, if you want 1 Gb to be delivered to your 6 edge sites, then you would be asking for 6 Gb to be delivered at the hub. It is very common for districts to only clarify what they want delivered at their edge sites and to neglect to mention the hub. This allows incumbents to over-subscribe your network.

A4.  Bid both and we will determine the best solution during the evaluation process.

Q5. - Will you allow alternate contract lengths? We typically offers districts 5 and 10 year contracts. The E-Rate Special Construction Rule allows district to drastically buy down their monthly for life. This rule is a game changer and we allow districts to pay off any remaining construction costs after Special Construction over 4 years. Using a three year contract would not allow you to take full advantage of the cost savings associated with Special Construction. Taking these savings into consideration show Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

A5. No, we will not allow alternate contract lengths.  We only want 3 and 5 year.

Q6. Would you consider alternate proposals? Including the Salem Attendance Center will increase your pricing considerably due to it's location. We would be happy to provide pricing options for both including and not including this location. 

A6. We will not consider alternate proposals that do not include Salem Attendance Center.
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